Perches!! These are important things for your parrots. As they are on their feet all the time.
For them to have healthy feet you should proved multiple perches of different textures, materials, shapes and diameters.

Some good placement ideas for your perches are by the food and water, by a toy, up high in the cage.
Perches should be placed so the bird has a comfortable amount of room around it and the tail feathers don't rub on the sides of the cage.
Perches aren't limited to just something you bolt to the side of the cage swings are included too.
Swings are actually a great way to work on your parrots balance.

(If you use rope Perches please make sure your bird doesn't chew on them if they chew them they must be discard immediately! As it can cause your parrots to be impacted or trapped in loose thread)