Flock Food- Food Subscription Box

Flock Food is the ultimate monthly food  subscription box for your parrots. 

This box is packed with healthy products that your parrots will love. 

Available in 3 different bird sizes 

Small- Conure & Cockatiel 

Medium/Large - Amazons & African Grey 

Extra Large- Macaws & Cockatoos 


Available in 2 different bundle sizes

1-2 bird - Small flock 

3+ birds -Large flock

 Save 10% every month when you subscribe. Subscribers get free animal themed stickers included every month! Plus the first box for subscribers comes with a free toy! 

With our subscription service backed by recharge you can adjust your subscription to fit your need. Want it every 2 months instead of every month you can do that. Plus you can cancel at any time.