About us

Animalaholic that's me! Ever since I was young I have always had pets. Birds are my favourite, I started with farm birds then moved to parrots with Meka, a Green Cheek Conure, being my first. I also have a Blue Fronted Amazon named Vicki. I found the variety of bird toys in my area was very small, and I have always been conscious of what is safe for my birds. I love being creative and spoiling my birds so I started making my own toys. After making toys for my own birds for years I became good at telling what birds would love and what was safe.

My birds are my inspiration and motivation to design safe and fun toys. I spend my days looking after them and playing with them, also watching what toys and materials they enjoy. Every design I make are "tested" by my birds before I decide to sell it. So they are something I would give to my own.
I make my toys the safest I know how with experience from my own birds and general bird knowledge. Some of my toys are dye free, but the ones that are dyed with food/bird safe dye.

Since I was able to provide better toys and enrichment for my birds I wanted to provided healthy chops and treats that had no added sugars or preservatives. As I found every treat for parrots in my area had at least 15 things that I did not  know what they were or should not of been in what I thought was a healthy snack for my birds, boy was I wrong. So I set out to research and find the healthiest treats I could give my birds. Also to find a way to provide a large amount of variety to my birds with out having to worry about spoilage. That way I always had a great chop to give them no matter how busy I was that day.  So our  Meka Munchies Brand was born, high quality ingredients that are healthy for your parrots with nothing other then what is suppose to be in the bags.


Everything on the website I have chosen with the same love and consideration. Now please note some of my products I source from other brands. Not every thing is handmade by me. The majority of our toys are made by me. Also our entire meka munchies line was created by me.