Fall Medley Chop

Fall Medley Chop

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This Chop Aids digestion, provides vital antioxidants, rich in vitamin A, boosts immune system, restores digestive health and reduces fatigue.

Our Freeze Dried Chops are 100% natural no added sugars, fillers or preservatives. So these awesome Fall Medley Chops only have pumpkin, apple, squash, corn and brussel sprouts!!! The chop comes in a resealable bag, close the bag after use or put in a air tight container and the chop will stay fresh for parrots to enjoy in the weeks to come. 

Can be served dry or rehydrate with warm water.

All our fruits and/or vegetables used are human grade. We won't judge you if you wanna try some yourself.

Regular bags are approximately 46 gram 

Bulk is a  3pk 


 Big Bites is great for any size bird, large birds love holding it in their feet. 

Nibbles is perfect for adding to other products for example birdie bread, rehydrating, absorbing moisture while adding variety to a chop. Some birds may it it dry but do to the small size of the food not all birds will.