Parrot Harness
Parrot Harness
Parrot Harness
Parrot Harness

Parrot Harness

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1 piece design with no buckles or clips. Adjust the harness with just one slider

- When the bird climbs and flies, it automatically adjusts from the chest to the back. The efficient design can reduce the pressure contact points of the birds

- Sturdy nylon webbing with anti-chewing and biting resistance features

- Comes with 47" long elastic flight line

Available in 4 different sizes 


Petite -Suitable for 75-110 grams parrots such as cockatiel and green cheek conure


X Small -Suitable for 110-190 grams parrots such as Quaker, Senegal, and Sun conure


Small -Suitable for 190-425 grams parrots such as Timneh African Grey, Pionus, small Amazons


Medium - Suitable for 425-600 grams parrots such as Congo African Grey, Eclectus, small Cockatoo, and Hahn's Macaw