Twister™ Extra Small

Polly's® Twister™ Extra Small

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Common round perches maintain constant contact with the same spot on the bird's foot. This unique perch provides a VARIETY of contact points every time the bird moves on the perch. Birds spend their life on their life on their feet. Shouldn't you provide a perch with a variety of angles - Just like nature intended.™


V aried grip angles

A new position with every stance

R ecommended by veterinaries

I mitates natural perches

E xercises foot & leg muscles

T rims bird's nails - guaranteed!

Your bird will thank you!

3 Scientific Breakthroughs in Avian Foot Care:

Eliminates foot pressure points!

Exercises foot & leg muscles!

A new foot position with every stance!

Constructed with lightweight thermal insulated material that maintains a comfortable temperature.

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