Ultimate Flock Box Medium Parrot

Ultimate Flock Box Medium Parrot

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The Ultimate Flock Box is Subscription box packed with food, treats and toys! This box comes every month, giving your parrots new toys, food and treats every month without you having to lift a finger. Want to try it but don't want to subscribe simply click the one time purchase button.  All Boxes come with free shipping within Canada.

The box comes with the choice of 

4 - 1 lbs bags of Top's all size pellets (4lbs total)

2 - 2.5 lbs bags of Marlene Mc'Cohen mix 

- 2 - 2 lbs bags of ZuPreem Fruit blend

- 1 - 3 lbs bags of ZuPreem Naturals

- 1 - 3.25 lbs bags of ZuPreem Nutblend

- 1 - 3.25 lbs bags of ZuPreem Veggieblend

It also includes 

2 - 1 lbs bags of All in one seed mix (can be soaked and sprouted) 

All boxes come with

- 3 - Regular size bags of Meka Munchies freeze dried treats

- 3 - Medium Toys

You can add 

- 1 extra bag of treats

- 1 extra bag of pellets

- 1 extra toy

- 1 extra bag of seeds

- 1 bag of birdie bread

- 1 bag of organic dream mix

- All the extras