Household Dangers for Parrots

Here are a few of the most common things that are not safe for use with parrots in your house.

•Non stick pans (with ptfe pfoa or teflon)
•Chemical based cleaning products
•Non stick aluminum foil
•Oven bags
•Oven liners
• Room freshener spray
• Cheap Essential oils (little bottles)
•Ceiling Fans
• Self cleaning oven feature


Most of these are unsafe because they can/will produce smells parrots have very sensitive lungs.  

Try reaching for ceramic, glass, aluminum or steel pots, pans and baking pans, Instead of your non stick pans. It will save your birds life.

Most people don't know that ceiling fan are a danger to your birds. If your bird flys into a running ceiling fan they could lose a wing or even worse their life. So keep those fans off when your feathered friends are out.